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Tips For Red Hatters

Scrapbooking Tips For A Red Hatter

Scrapbooking is a great way to relax, reflect, and get your pictures and memories organized. It also makes the most heartfelt and personal gifts for your friends and loved ones. Follow these easy tips for beautiful and long lasting scrapbook masterpieces.

Tea Party Etiquette

Hosting a Tea Party is a delightful way to spend quality time with your Red Hat sisters while enjoying delicious treats and snacks, and there are several things that you can do to display the appropriate Tea Party etiquette while still keeping fun at the top of the list.

Why Red Hatters Enjoy Tea Parties

A Tea Party is a traditional Red Hat Society ceremony, and it is a time where Red Hatters can sit together and enjoy each other's friendship and company in full regalia. Learn why it is so important for Red Hat Women to engage in traditional tea parties.

Tea Party Favors

A tea party with your Red Hat Society chapter is a great way to enjoy some wonderful company and conversation. When hosting your next tea party, be sure to treat your guests to some fun and exciting tea party favors.

How To Plan A Great Day Trip

Day trips with your Red Hat Society chapter are fun and easy to assemble. Plan a day trip with your Red Hat sisters today and enjoy local attractions while showing off your Red Hat ensembles.

Naming Your Red Hat Chapter

A chapter name says a lot about you and your Red Hat sisters. Creating it can be a fun task in which all members participate. If you're stumped when it comes to thinking of a name, here are some ideas to help get your chapter name started.

How To Have A Perfect Picnic

Having a Red Hat picnic in the park is an excellent way to unite your chapter and create some fun memories. Follow our fun tips to have the perfect picnic, Red Hat style.

Go Green!

Going green, or becoming more environmentally friendly, is not only great for our environment but it is good for our well-being. Help teach your society sisters to be more eco-friendly and learn some great ways to go green.

Be Generous

Gather the Red Hat Ladies for a mix of fabulous fun under $5. Displaying red hat style, and giving great red hat gifts is now both stylish and affordable. Organize more creative parties, events, and holiday treats with gifts that are $5 and under.

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Two Red Hatters Decked Out in Red
Two Red Hat Ladies Dressed to the Nines
Four Red Hatters Enjoying the Beach
Red Hatters Living it Up at a Pajama Party
Two Red Hat Ladies Dressed to the Nines
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