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Host A Red Hat Luau

For years, Hawaii has been proclaimed by many as "paradise" and "heaven on earth."  Even though you may be unable to whisk away your sisters to this magnificent land, you can still bring the Polynesian pleasure to your chapter. Put on your favorite red hat, dress and feather boas and enjoy lounging in paradise with your red hat friends at a Hawaiian luau.

To achieve the island feeling, throw your luau outdoors and line the area with tall tiki torches. Set the mood with musical favorites such as "Tiny Bubbles," "Blue Hawaii," and "My Little Grass Shack." Dress up the tables with this cute center piece idea:

To make two centerpieces you will need:

1 Cantaloupe
2 Parsnips
2 Green Peppers
2 long shish kabob skewers
tooth picks

Slice the cantaloupe across so the exterior looks like a beach.  Scoop out the fruit which can be used for fruit salad. Trim both ends of the parsnip, like you would a carrot. Drive one skewer into the bottom of the parsnip about 1/2 way up if you can. Drive the other end of the skewer into the cantaloupe, which is the center of the beach. This will be your tree trunk. You may need to support the parsnip with additional toothpicks between the cantaloupe beach and the parsnip tree trunk. Now take the green pepper and trim off the top to make it look like palm fronds, discard the seeds and the cut-away top. Lastly, place the green pepper onto the top of the parsnip and secure with a toothpick.

Do as the Hawaiians do, "do not eat until you're full, eat until you're tired!" To achieve this goal, mix Hawaiians favorite fruits together for a zestful addition to your menu of chicken teriyaki, pork with poi, jasmine rice and sweet rolls.

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Two Red Hatters Decked Out in Red
Two Red Hat Ladies Dressed to the Nines
Four Red Hatters Enjoying the Beach
Red Hatters Living it Up at a Pajama Party
Two Red Hat Ladies Dressed to the Nines
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