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Red Hat Society International Convention August 2-5, 2018
Red Hat Info

The Red Hat Society is a group of women who greet middle age with humor, amusement, and energy. They enjoy acting silly and childlike while wearing red hats and purple outfits. The women of the Red Hat Society have a fantastic time growing old together by adding comedy and friendship to their life experiences. Tea parties, birthday celebrations, Halloween events, cruises, and parades are just a few of the events you'll find Red Hatters attending.

About The Red Hat Society

The Red Hat Society is a long standing group made up of women that are over 50 and want to live life to its fullest. There are thousands of chapters located everywhere in the world all with a common origin. Learn who created the Red Hat Society, how it spread all over the world, and other interesting facts.

Red Hat Society Customs

The ladies of the Red Hat Society have only one guideline: you must wear full regalia and show off your red hat pride. However, there are many customs the women follow, including wearing their famous colors, appointing a "queen" and other hierarchy, and attending the annual convention. Find out more about the fun customs of the Red Hat Society and other famous traditions that are honored.

Red Hat Chapter Activities

Each chapter puts together fun activities such as game nights and recipe exchanges, which all members of the chapter will participate in. This allows the ladies to share stories, have fun, and spend quality bonding time together. There are hundreds of creative ideas for fun activities that chapters can participate in. Learn more about what other chapters are doing and what you can do to have fun with your Red Hat Society chapter.

Red Hat Regalia

Red and purple are the official colors of the Red Hat Society. The ladies pride themselves in wearing fun, outrageous outfits that are full of spunk. From large, sparkling hats to fun footwear, red hat sisters always dress in style. Find out which accessories are the best and learn about ways to keep hats looking spectacular.

Tips For Red Hatters

The Red Hat Society prides itself on having very few rules and guidelines for chapters to follow. If you find that you are lost or don't know how to go about planning an activity, consider these tips to help you get out of your slump. Find out how Red Hat sisters name their chapters and which favors are great to give at a tea party. Fun and easy tips for Red Hatters.

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Two Red Hatters Decked Out in Red
Two Red Hat Ladies Dressed to the Nines
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Two Red Hat Ladies Dressed to the Nines
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