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Red Hat Chapter Activities

Red Hat Pajama Party Activities

Age should never set a limitation or barrier to anything as fun as a pajama party, and Red Hat Society members sure know how to throw one.  Get some fresh ideas for your Red Hat sisters, and try these great tips for a pajama party that your fun loving guests will never forget!

Cookie and Recipe Exchange

A cookie and recipe exchange party is a fun way to bond with your Red Hat sisters while enjoying some yummy treats. Use our helpful tips and try a red hat cookie and recipe exchange party as your Red Hat Society chapter event.

Red Hat Game Night

Games nights are a favorite pastime of the Red Hat Society ladies. Throw your own red hat game night with games that will be fun and exciting and give you a night to remember.

Red Hat Society Scavenger Hunt

Plan a scavenger hunt with the Red Hatters. There's no better way to not only have fun with your Red Hat sisters, but also get out of the house! A scavenger hunt could be exactly what you're looking for!

Start A Red Hat Society Workout Plan

Working out helps your body stay healthy and in shape, plus, it also helps your mind. You begin to feel happier, healthier, and better about yourself and life when you exercise. Start a Red Hat workout plan with your sisters today.

Red Hat Gardening Tips

Plan an event to start a garden with your Red Hat sisters. Make a friend's day and brighten up her drab garden or volunteer at your local park.

Keep A Red Hat Journal

Keep a journal about red hat adventures and it will be easy to reminisce about the fun you've had with your Red Hat sisters. Don't waste any more time without writing down your experiences, start a journal today, and capture the fun and excitement that the Red Hat Society brings.

Host A Red Hat Luau

Bring some excitement and fun to your Red Hat Chapter by throwing a fabulous Hawaiian luau. Nothing is better than pretending you are on a paradise island. Follow these fun tips for hosting a Red Hat Luau.

Girls Night In

Get together with your Red Hat sisters for a fabulous night of gossip, drinks, and fun. Nothing is better than hanging out with your sister, playing games, and dressing in red hat regalia. Learn how to have a red hat girls night in by following our tips.


Put on your red hats and get ready for a day of artistic fun. Ceramics is a creative project, and decorative addition to your home, that you can enjoy doing with your red hat sisters. Start organizing a ceramics party with your red hat society chapter to create crafts and memories.

Celebrate Your Queen

Queens of chapters often times organize, delegate and promote events. With all of the hard work and dedication she devotes to the red hats society, it is time to dedicate an event to her. Use these fantastic tips to celebrate your chapter Queen.

Have Fun In Song - Karaoke Night

Get ready for a Red Hat show of entertainment performed specifically by your red hat chapter. Prepare a night with red hat talent consisting of classic song renditions, glitzy red hat apparel and perhaps even kick line when you host a Karaoke Night and have fun in song!

Have Some Winter Fun

With winter upon us, embrace the season's opportunities by partaking in some wintertime activities. With the temperature dropping and snow accumulating, it's time to bundle up and ship out for a day of winter fun with your red hat chapter.

Laugh With Your Chapter-Comedy Night

Red Hatters gather around for a night of laughter and never ending comedy fun. It's time to dust off those fabulous red hat wigs and make the rounds with your red hat women to discover a night of giggling and silly performances. Laugh it up with your chapter and enjoy a Comedy Night!

Plan A Red Hat Road Trip

In the middle of the winter months, it's not hard to experience a little cabin fever. You may want to get out of the house and breathe some fresh air. You should use this restlessness as an opportunity to go on an adventure with your favorite red hat ladies. A road trip is the perfect solution to your winter blues.

Red Hat Auction

If you and your red hat ladies are looking for a way to give back to your community, you may want to consider hosting a Red Hat Auction. It's a simple way to raise money for your chapter's favorite charity and also bring you and your amazing Red Hat women together. Easy steps can be followed to host a Red Hat Auction and ensure it's a complete success.

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Two Red Hat Ladies Dressed to the Nines
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