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Glitter-fy An Old Shirt

Do you have a t-shirt in the back of your drawer since you moved in, and rarely wear it because it lacks a certain sense of--charisma? The plain white one that goes with everything, but is worn with nothing because it doesn't exactly fit into your red hat style. Well, iron out the creases ladies because it is time to glitter-fy that old t-shirt into a classic red.

Glitter-fying a t-shirt is an exceptional way to update an old look, or get your chapter together for a glitter filled craft night. Either way, you will have lots of fun and create a bedazzled new look.

Step One: Be sure to collect all the necessary supplies before beginning the transformation.

Any craft store is a great place to discover decently priced gemstones and crystals. You can purchase packets of assorted color gemstones for under five dollars!

To add red hat flare, pick out a red hat applique! These sequenced pieces are boldly eye catching and proudly project red hats!    

Step Two: Prepare shirt and workspace

Make sure your t-shirt is cleaned and pressed, allowing the placement of decor to be exact. Have all jewels, appliques, buttons, ribbon, and glue placed across the table for easy accessibility.

Step Three: Do a dry run

Before attempting any action with fabric glue, distribute materials on your t-shirt in the desired design. This will prevent placement misjudgment, and allow you to reconsider various designs. 

Step Four: Glue the glitz!

Now that you have established your t-shirt pattern, it's time to make the look stick. Start gluing pieces from the top to the bottom. This way, if you loose site of your pattern, space is left at the bottom, a less noticeable section than the top.

Step Five: Don't forget the fabulousness.

Every red hatter likes to make items more unique and fun. This is your time to get creative and use your imagination. Maybe you want to create a purple fur collar, or dress up a shirt into a versatile look by adding a red silky scarf.

Now that you are all dressed up, its time to head out. Gather your chapter for a night out and don't forget to finish your glittery look with a red hat.

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Two Red Hatters Decked Out in Red
Two Red Hat Ladies Dressed to the Nines
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Two Red Hat Ladies Dressed to the Nines
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