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Put on a Red Hat Shawl

Layer your look with colorful and functional red hat shawls. This additional clothing piece adds contrast to your outfit, and versatility to your wardrobe. Shawls are perfect for travel whether it is a plane ride to Europe, or a car ride to the cider mill. A shawl has multiple purposes. Simply wrap the garment around your shoulders, allowing the ends to hang loosely and naturally, acting as a travel blanket. For security and alteration, wrap the red hat shawl around your shoulders and tie the ends in the front. You can adjust the shoulder shawl position based on what you are wearing, and what type of event you are attending. For a more formal look, slide the shawl back and off the shoulders to display evening gown straps. For the casual outing, wrap the shawl tightly, and pair with red hat bottoms for soft contrast. Once you have established a wrapped shawl, you can add some glitz to the look with a red hat pin and brooch.

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Two Red Hatters Decked Out in Red
Two Red Hat Ladies Dressed to the Nines
Four Red Hatters Enjoying the Beach
Red Hatters Living it Up at a Pajama Party
Two Red Hat Ladies Dressed to the Nines
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