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About Pink Hatters

You can be a part of the Red Hat Society, if you're still not 50! Become a Pink Hatter, these under 50 members enstill the same message and have a ton of fun. So, if you love and admire everything about the Red Hat Society, start a Pink Hat Chapter. Being a Pink Hatter involves showing pride with fabulous style and doing whatever you want.

When you belong to the RHS as a Pink Hatter you are a vital part of an enormous nurturing network of women approaching 50! Our Pink hatters can hold their own chapters and can even appoint Queens. Same rules follow for Pink Hatters, and they must always follow the Queen guidelines. Being a pink hatter is fabulous, instead of wearing Red and Purple, you get to wear Pink and Lavender. Being a Pink Hatter is fun and is a great introduction to the Red Hats. Once you hit 50, you'll know what it's all about, being an experienced member and always involved. If you love the Red Hat Society, are under 50 years of age, agree with all we stand for and love the color pink, join now!

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